Testimonial by Toni and Dennis Haines

We are writing to tell you about our very gratifying experience of having our child at Bear Country.

Our daughter Arlette was 2 years old and is still there at 5.I remember well coming to Bear Country and Arlette was not fully potty trained at 2 years, so we were somewhat nervous about that and if they would take her. We had heard that this could be an issue at many daycare facilities. The staff  eased my concern and said it would be no problem at all and I later also found them to be very understanding  even at 4 years old when there were a few unexpected accidents.

The center also provides great meals and snacks for them and healthy ones at that. My daughter actually eats peas and tells me about it when I ask what she had for lunch. She can only drink soy milk and they have accommodated me about this perfectly by giving her only the soy I bring for the 3 years without any is mis-steps .  

I am so grateful for all the wonderful extras the center has been able to provide. They provided swim lessons and they are willing to take them to the location for you. They have amazing field trips that take them to all sorts of wonderful places like the pumpkin patch, the County fair , fire stations, dentist, courthouse, Hilmar Cheese and a pizza place to show them how to make pizza and much ,much more.

I have come to class and Ms Cindy has earthworms for them to play with and observe for science as well as fish and she teaches them how to plant and sprout seeds. My daughter knows the cycle of a caterpillar to butterfly. She has learned the days of the week , months of year, colors and shapes. A shape that I didn’t even knew existed.  A parallelogram – Ms Cindy gives you an update regularly on what they are learning so you can ask your kids questions.

Arlette knows her alphabet their sounds and the objects they represent. She has computer time a couple times a week and she writes or sometimes  just copies words that Ms Cindy has posted throughout class.  She has home work sheets  of various subject like logic , alphabets and math that come from a kindergartner curriculum to keep them prepared for kindergarten and keeping on top of things . Ms Cindy teaches them to count at least to 30 and my daughter has even learned to count to 100 as well there. 

They have a great music teacher that come in periodically to teach children music. My daughter has learned the pledge of allegiance and her school song as well as all sorts of wonderful songs for Mother’s day and Fathers day and Christmas programs.  Their crafts seem never ending and the time that teachers and staff put in for this is very apparent. As it is clear the cut outs and material for the projects that my daughter bring home require a conscientious staff who offer a scaffolding for some real craft fun.

They have two playgrounds for older and younger children which make me feel comforted. Two separate bathrooms for boys and girls. The time for drop off and pick up are one of the most flexible I have seen. That is in the morning at 6:30 am up to 6;30 pm. They even have after care and will pick up your child from school.

I am happy to say that my daughter has thrived since she has been  at Bear Country and we are so very grateful to have had such a great place to have our daughter have the good fortune  to attend. We are very confident that she is fully prepared to go into kindergarten and has good memories to take with her.  

Toni and Dennis Haines

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