Bear Country has been rated the #1 private preschool in Merced County based on the ECERS-R scale and 6th overall. Learn more about the ECERS-R scale here.

Bear Country's Philosophy:
Our philosophy for children ages 2-12 is to build on their strengths and interests, to provide a clear guidance on the content in language, math concepts, arts music and movement, science and social studies...yet never loose sight of the primary importance of hands on learning.

About Bear Country:
Bear Country was founded in 1987 by Regina Wolf. Since its founding, it has come to be known as Merced's premier child learning center for day-time and after-school enrichment.

About Our Staff:

Bear Country's staff is headed by Director, Regina Wolf and Associate Director, Lianne Sharp. All staff members are thoroughly screened and hold either a B.A., A.A. or Master Teacher Permit.

About Our Facility:

Bear Country is located at 2115 Wardrobe Avenue in Merced, California. It is a dedicated child learning center with four large instructional rooms with two playground areas.

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